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The Puttytribe (Website Design & Development)

HTML | CSS | Javascript | Discourse | WordPress | Divi Theme | WooCommerce


The Puttytribe is a member-only online community for multipotentialites. Their old website was powered by Ning, which they wanted to get away from in favor of a solution with more freedom and room to develop as needed. I got the opportunity to join their team as the Front End Web Developer as we built a custom solution with WordPress and Discourse.

My duties included:

  • Taking their PSD homepage and top-level page designs and implementing them throughout the site with Divi
  • Customizing the templates for all pages to make them mobile-responsive with the user experience in mind
  • Customizing the Discourse forum to mimic the styling on the WordPress side
  • Customizing the templates for EventON and Woocommerce
  • Taking the lead on designing and implementing pages for documentation/help, video workshops, and news
  • Taking their Rocket Chat integration and embedding/styling it as an integrated chat window in Discourse
  • Troubleshooting various theme/plugin compatibility issues

Homepage (Desktop View)

Homepage (Desktop View)
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