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“All I had for Tim was a vision and some basic requirements of
a grand visual declaration of what my community represents.
He asked the right questions at the right time, used his creative
expression (and discretion) well, and cranked out something
amazing for me. This single graphic resonates perfectly with me, with
the community I’m building, and gets more compliments and shares
than just about anything else associated with my name. If I had a
100 point checklist for all the skills I need and want from graphic
designer, I’d check off 99 of them for Tim. He is human after all.”

Joel Zaslofsky, Value of Simple

“I hired Tim to help me create a promotional email blast.
I had only a vague sense of what I wanted, but it was
plenty for Tim to put together a beautiful draft. He continued
to tweak the design, incorporating my ideas and his own,
until I had a lovely email design I was proud to send my list.
I could not have been more pleased with the whole experience!”

Erin Kurup, [re]made by hand

“Tim took the time at the beginning to understand what
I was looking for and what he needed from me, then
went on to produce a product that exactly fit my
requirmments. He was totally receptive to input regarding
minor adjustments, and accomplished them quickly. I highly
recommend him to anyone looking for artwork for their web page.”

Lynette Pittman, Purple Squirrel Products