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Sussex County Library System Logo

Client: Sussex County Library System

Project: Logo re-design

The Brief: Two representatives from the Sussex County Library system came onto my campus and presented a challenge for it’s graphic design students; design a new logo for your county’s library system. They wanted a logo that recognized that the library was no longer just a set of six buildings, but an online presence playing an important role in serving the community. Specifically, they asked fora  logo that:

  1. Incorporates the idea of the past, present, and future
  2. Reflects the rural nature of the county
  3. Recognizes that books are only one format offered by the library and that they offer many different type of services.

The Solution: Per their first piece of criteria, I decided that the best solution would be to design a logo that’s timeless (not something that literally illustrates past, present, and future). Anybody who lives in Sussex County is thoroughly familiar with our abundant amount of hilly and winding roads. So, per their second criteria, I designed a logo using the shape of a hilly road that runs through the actual shape of the county. As far as the third, I think that’s an issue to be resolved with advertising, not via a logo. However, I did make sure not to design a logo that would give the impression that they’re only about books.